New Machinery – Hermle C250

28 June 2017
28 June 2017 studio55

Machines Matter. To maximise the quality of our output and stay at the forefront of our
industry we need not only the best team of engineers, but also the best equipment available.
It is our commitment to quality that led us to bring the first 5 Axis Hermle C250 to our
workshop in Craigavon, just 20 miles south of Belfast.

We provide bespoke engineering solutions including prototyping and tool and mould
production for a number of industry sectors including aerospace, automotive and the medical
and pharmaceutical sector. The introduction of the C250 is a great addition to our workshop
and enables us to extend our capabilities to include 5 axis machining, alongside our 3 axis
machining capabilities.

To help us to make this decision we headed off to the Hermle Open House in Gosheim,
Southern Germany in search of the perfect machine to add to our already extensive collection.
It was important to us to see the machine in action and meet members of the Hermle Besser
Fräsen team in person.

George Boyce, Managing Director, Boyce Precision Engineering said:
“This will be our first 5 axis machine, so it was a big decision for us. I had extensively
researched the options before going ahead but the Open House allowed us to see the
machines and how they were built, which gave me the confidence in the quality of the
machine. Price and after sales support were also important considerations and on both counts
we felt confident in the Geo Kingsbury offering.”

Hermle machines offer a wealth of capability and there are a number of reasons which made
this a good investment for us.

Mechanical Precision
The dimensional accuracy of the milled parts is essential to ensure that the products we
design and manufacture function effectively. Hermle machines boast the highest levels of
mechanical precision and are put through intensive performance tests before being sold
which gave us confidence in their ability to meet our needs.

Hermle machines are reliable, with minimal interruptions even on long runs. This is an
important consideration for any team as downtime is costly.

Long-term Accuracy
Production cycles can run over long periods and we will produce millions of items from the
same machine over time. Accuracy needs to be maintained over time for quality assurance.
Hermle machining centres not only meet, but often exceed standards laid out in DIN/ISO

5-Axis Benchmark
5-axis machining is beneficial for milling complex components where both speed and
precision are required. Hermle machines offer great agility due to three of the axes being in
the tool itself and the other two in the swivelling rotary table. This enables milling and turning
to take place at the same time, which reduces the need for retooling or moving components
to another machine. Anything that can save us time, saves money and helps us to stay on
track to meet the tight deadlines we often work to.

Good Customer Service
Hermle are recognised for their excellent customer service, whether in providing
maintenance plans, spare parts or user training. This gives us great reassurance, particularly
given the large investment we’ve made to purchase the machine and partner with them to
maintain it.

We’ll soon be putting the Hermle C250 to the test!



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