BPE Develop New Inspection Lab to Maximise Production Quality

19 June 2016
19 June 2016 studio55

Precision Engineering is all about precision! There’s no room for error in production – even a
fraction out and a product’s performance will be reduced, or the product simply won’t be fit
for purpose. It’s vital to make sure that production matches the design specification first time
and every time.

We’ve invested heavily in inspection and quality monitoring equipment and developed our
own inspection facility on site, containing a wide range of high performance and high
specification calibrated inspection equipment, to enable us to complete tasks with precision.
The following state of the art equipment is available in our workshop.

Digital Calipers
A digital caliper measures internal and external distances with greater accuracy than manually
operated versions, which are cheaper and don’t need a battery but require you to have very
good eyesight instead! Digital calipers are easier to read due to the digital display and we can
press the inch/mm button to switch between metric or imperial measurements quickly and

Digital Micrometers
Digital micrometers can take extremely accurate measurements in both metric and imperial
units to 0.0005 inches and 0.001mm, removing the risk of error in manually reading the
measurements. A data output connection allows them to be connected to a computer and
the data store electronically in a spreadsheet.

Digital Bore Micrometers allow our team to accurately measure the inside diameter of a
hole, cylinder or pipe.

Digital Height Gauges enable us to measure the height between two points accurately, with
options to switch the readings between inches and millimetres.

Slip Gauges are the accepted ‘standards of length in various industries. These tools allow us
to produce precision lengths with the greatest degree of accuracy.

Pin Gauges to determine the acceptability of diameters of drilled or machined holes.

Thread gauges to determine the pitch of a thread on a screw or in a tapped hole. Metric and
imperial measurements can be made.

CMM Machine – our Coordinate Measurement Machine enables us to accurately measure
and verify geometrical tolerance and the dimensions of a product.

We’ve invested a considerable amount on a Sheffield Discovery D-12 CMM which can
accurately measure and verify geometrical tolerance and dimensions previously verified using
traditional methods. This enables us to validate our internal manufacturing processes with
ease. The D-12 CMM comes with the most up to date software available, PC-DIMS CAD DCC
Measurement Software and is recognised as the world’s leading coordinate measurement
machine software with over 50,000 seats in place worldwide. It is also the favourable choice
of software within the Aerospace industry therefore we can collaborate on the chosen platform
within this industry sector.

• Stock Reference – GB100031
• Make & Model – Sheffield Discovery II D-12
• Year of Manufacture – 2008
• CMM Type – DCC
• Specification (CMMA): – 5.0 + L / 200 μm
• Measurement Range: – 508 x 914 x 406 mm
• Overall Dimensions: L 1699 x W 1025 x H 2265mm + Desk 1200 x 800

If you’re interested in working with us and would like to inspect the lab in person, please get
in touch with us to arrange a site visit.




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