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Emma Wilson

at Boyce Precision Engineering

Emma Wilson

Material Planner

Emma joined the BPE team at the start of 2017 as a Material Planner, having previously worked for the fraud department of Lloyds Bank for 2 years. Whilst the roles may be somewhat different, good organisational skills and exceptional attention to detail are just a few of the skills that made Emma a good choice.

Emma is responsible for managing several key customers, scheduling their orders through the factory and keeping customers up to date on the progress of their orders. Central to that role is developing a good relationship with her customer counterpart. Emma manages the procurement of materials and works along with management and other key members of the team to develop existing and new suppliers. She also liaises with suppliers to check that deliveries will arrive on time, and takes responsibility for ensuring that materials are accurately recorded according to their job cards and properly stored on site.

On a regular basis, Emma takes time out to evaluate her suppliers on criteria such as their ability to meet delivery deadlines, the quality of their materials, the standard of customer service provided and how competitiveness their prices are. This enables her to build a reliable and reputable supplier base. Continuous improvement is important to both Emma and the whole team at Boyce Precision Engineering.

Emma studied Psychology at Ulster University in Coleraine and is keen to progress her studies with a work related qualification in Material Planning. Watch this space!

An interesting fact about Emma is that she’s one half of a set of twins, and she’s somewhat inseparable from her twin brother, given that he also works in the BPE team as a machinist!

Emma loves a cup of tea to start the day at BPE and keeps a Quote of the Day calendar on her desk so she can share her daily positivity messages with her colleagues. One of the things she loves most about BPE is the team she gets to work with each day – yes, even her brother. She also enjoys the regular interaction and daily banter with her suppliers too.

Emma likes a challenge and relished the opportunity to work on a project to implement a new MRP system which has greatly enhanced the team’s planning, scheduling and pricing processes.

Whilst she loves her job at BPE, if she could do any other job, she could see herself being a dolphin trainer somewhere exotic as she’s a bit of an animal lover! BPE have their own team mascot – George’s dog, Charlie who Emma loves to see when she arrives each morning. She also has her own little Chihuahua called Sasha to go home to each evening.

Emma plays hockey for Dromore Ladies Hockey Club and likes horse riding too. Being more of an outdoor girl, she’s not a big TV lover but she does like to watch David Attenborough’s animal documentaries, and her guilty pleasure is Love Island!

When she takes time off work, she likes to go on holidays. A trip to Thailand is her most memorable holiday so far but seeing more of Asia, going to Australia and New Zealand, and swimming in the Great Barrier Reef are all still on her bucket list! If she could choose a companion to join her on her adventures, Channing Tatum tops the list.

Spending time with her little niece, Polly is also high up on Emma’s list of things to do in her downtime.

Emma’s favourite apps on her phone are Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and WhatsApp. Her favourite subjects at school were PE, drama, music and geography and her favourite dinner is spaghetti bolognese – she absolutely loves the stuff!

So that’s our Emma!

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