CNC Machining

Precision Machining

“Producing the highest quality of precision components at a competitive price”

Boyce Precision enjoys the experience of producing high precision components at a competitive price. A workshop containing the latest in CNC machining technology, means we can provide a service which satisfies our customer demands.


“State of the art machine equipment accompanied by highly experienced staff”
  • Fourteen 3-Axis CNC Milling Machines
  • 7x Doosan DNM 500
  • 1 x Doosan DNM 650
  •  1 x Doosan DNM 400
  • 1 x Doosan LYNX 220LY MILL TURN LATHE
  •  Latest machine added Dec. 2016
  • Cincinnatti Sabre 1000
  • Bridgeport VMC 600P3
  • Bridgeport VMC 600
  • Bridgeport GX 600
  • Bridgeport VMC 560
  • Colchester Tornado 310 CNC Lathe
  • Maximum bed size: 1300 x 670 x 605


“State of the art machine equipment accompanied by highly experienced staff”
  • 1 Colchester Tornado 310 CNC Lathe
  • Full cad cam facility parts may be programmed and machined in a fast, efficient manner.Drawings can be transferred as DXF/IGES/STL files.
  • Quotations will be returned within twenty four hours of receiving drawings of the parts in question.



BPE’s Engineering department is now fully equipped with three top of the range computers that will allow for ease of programming whilst using the latest CAM software, MasterCAM X9. This software allows Boyce Precision Engineering to collaborate with customers, for example analysis of .iges .stp and any other form of 3D solid model. This software will help boost overall setup times, manufacturing efficiency and tool life thus helping Boyce Precision to competitively price jobs.

Within Boyce Precision Engineering all appropriate staff have been fully trained and are fully competent in using this up to date software package.

Machine Prototyping & Manufacture

“Boyce Precision prides itself in establishing solid partnerships with its customers.”
  • Machine prototyping is an area where not only have we produced specific component parts, but helped develop and build machines and machine modules.Boyce Precision can offer expertise and assistance in designing/modifying specific component parts in order to cater design changes. Last minute modifications can provide design teams with unfortunate delays in prototyping. Working with our customers, we seek to deal with modifications and design changes to component parts in an urgent, and minimize project delays.Building/assembling machine modules. Take the headache away from a large machine build by allowing Boyce Precision to not only manufacture your specific component parts, but to assemble and test a sub assembly as well. We have the capacity to produce a module from existing artifact, if the original drawings are not available. This can prove an extremely valuable service to customers who need to upgrade a machine or module, without a full re-production of drawings.Our staff have many years experience in producing parts for aerospace, pharmaceutical, textile, motor sport and food industries.Experience in producing modules and sub assemblies for the pharmaceutical and food industries has benefited Boyce Precision and developed a relationship with customers, in a much greater way than initial expectations.Please contact us and see if we can help by sharing the demands of building and testing a prototype.